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After is playing at 59E59 located at 59 East 59th Street. It runs eighty minutes with no intermission. The play closes on April 12, 2019.

We are in a living room. There is a mounted deer head in the center of the wall. To the right are three riffles.

Act one, the beginning. Julia Campbell (Mia Matthews) has invited Connie Beckman (Denise Cormier) and her husband Alan (Bill Phillips) to her home. She is waiting for her husband Tate (Michael Frederic) to come home from work.

Val Wallace (Jolie Curtsinger) is Julie’s sister. She is there to keeps things pleasant.

Connie and Alan are concerned about a text message their son received their son Kiel. It said your next faggot. Tate and Julia get upset saying that their son wouldn’t say that. Things get heated. Connie and Alan are afraid something might happen.

Act two, the middle. Julie invites Connie over again. Val is there too. Julia tries to convince Connie that it was just prank, no harm done. Connie tells her that a three day suspension was not enough? Val gets a call from her son, he’s at school. You can tell by the sound of her voice something bad is happening.

Act three, the end. There is now a painting where the deer head was. The guns are gone. It’s now two years later. Julia, Tate and Val are there. The marriage is over between Julia and Tate. She hasn’t signed the divorce papers she was served five months ago. She is holding on by a string. Connie and Alan are coming over at the request of Kiel who has been in jail for two years. He wants to confess to them on why he killed their son. We learn why he text the words he did. Matthew brought the guns to school. Julie blames Beckman’s, it was there gun. Kiel gave them a letter explaining everything to his parents. Tate reads it and is devastated. He leaves and so do the Beckman’s. Julia goes over to where Tate left the letter looks down at the letter and the lights fade.

Part three was the most powerful of all the parts. Part one and two were slow. It is a good play but I don’t think it’s for everyone, especially ones that have children in school.

The cast was outstanding. Mia Matthews and Tate Campbell shined!

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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