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All Aboard! A New Musical

All Aboard! A New Musical is playing at the Laba Theater at the 14th Y located at 344 East 14th Street between first and second Avenue. It runs one hour thirty minutes with no intermission. The musical closes on March 5, 2017.

The place on board a train, the time is the present.

The conductor (Brian Demar Jones) introduces himself and tells us he will appear in and out of the musical. He opens each scene with some kind of information. Like Harry Truman used a train to campaign for the presidency or something about the scene.

Scene one Kim and Larry enter the train. Kim wants to leave the train it is empty. Larry wants to talk to her privately. She thinks her husband wants to have sex. Larry tells her loves her but he’s bored. He wants to have an affair with his secretary.

Scene two are Jake and Karen. They work for a firm that clears up messes clients have gotten into that could ruin them. Like having sex with a prostitute and being caught. Jake and Karen have a new client. Karen is fed up with it and wants to quit. Jake says okay.

Scene three are Marie and Terry. Marie is an entrepreneur. She calls her boss on a tip that will make him money. In walks Terry who informs Marie she has not long to live. He is the angel of death. Whoops he has the wrong person. To make up for it he tells her the rest of the events in her life saying well you won’t remember what they are in a few moments.

The conductor closes the show with a song and dance routine.

There is more to the stories then I have told. I don’t want to spoil it. This a most delightful off off-Broadway show. The show moral and it is we are all conductors of our lives and the things we do reflect on will happen later.

The conductor is played by Brian Demar Jones. Kim/Karen/Marie are performed by Sammi Sadicario. Larry/Jake/Terry are performed by Nathan Oesterle.

The cast works well together. Sammi Sadicario and Nathan Oesterle are great in each scene. Brian Demar Jones mesmerizes you when he is on stage.

What a set! In the center are the seats to the left and right are windows. Outside the windows are screens that reflect different images. Sometimes it make fell like you on a moving train and you see the scenery go by.

This is a musical. There a just enough songs to enhance the show but not to take away from it.

This is a must see show which I hope finds its way to off Broadway theatre, so more people will get to see and enjoy it like I did.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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