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Around the World in 80 Days

Playing at the New Theatre located at 354 West 45th Street. The play runs two hours with one intermission. It is an opened ended run.

The play takes place in 1872.

Written by Jules Verne, it was published in 1873.

The theatre version was done by the “Mercury Theatre on the Air”. They presented a radio adaption on October 2, 1938. In 1940 Orson Wells did a musical version. The music and lyrics were written by Cole Porter. There have been several movies movie version of the book. The best known one was made in 1956 with David Niven. The latest was done 2004 with Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan. It has also been done on television. The miniseries was done in 1989 with Pierce Bronson.

Phileas Fogg (Guy Le Monier) is at the Reform Club. He makes a bet with his friends that he can travel around the world in eighty days. They bet 20,000 pounds (8.5 million today).

He takes along his employee Passepartout (Garry Littman) and Sir Francis (Jimmy Ray Bennett). Fogg is being followed by Detective Fix (Matt Lutz). Fix thinks he is a thief. Along his travels he meets numerous people. One lady he recuses in India Aouda (Shirine LeMonnier) and brings her back to England.

Needless to say he makes it back in time. But how he gets there and what occurs, you will have to see the show for yourself.

There is a large computer clock to the right side of the stage. During the show it will have something to with the show on it. There is a mist spraying in the front on the side of the stage and the floor gives you a vibrating feeling as if you are on a ship. The actors use body motion to relay they are on a train or boat.

Five actors do thirty nine roles. It is amazing how quickly the actors change costumes and characters without missing a beat.

I don’t know who was having more fun the actors or the audience.

This is a funny version of Around the World in Eighty Days. If you want a fun time at the theatre see this show.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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