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Baghdaddy is playing at St. Luke’s Theatre located at 306 West 46th Street. The musical runs two hours with one intermission. It is an open ended.

It was originally title “Who’s Your Baghdaddy? Or how I started the Iraq War. The musical played at the Actors Temple Theater in October 2015.

The locations vary, the time 2001-2004.

The audience is encouraged to come on stage for coffee and donuts. If you like you can get a tag to put your name on it. You are part of the support group where disgraced spies meet. When called on no one admits it. Like CIA agent Martin Bouchard (Bob O’Haene). One of the cast members is in the audience.

Next scene shifts to Frankfurt Airport. An Iraqi defector claims he help build secret Iraqi bio-weapon labs. His code name is Curveball (Joe Joseph). Richard Becker (Brennan Caldwell) is a beginning investigator who is grilling him. He thinks he’s a hot shot.

The CIA gets involved. “Company Man” Tyler Nelson (Jason Collins) insists the other CIA agents on the case, Martin, Berry Stanton (Larisa Oleynik) and Jerry Samuel (Ethen Slater) make sure the facts are correct before they make any rash decisions.

The State department gets involved. The Woman (Claire Neuman) and The Man (Brandon Espinoza) are there is the CIA needs them.

We learn later that curveball made up the whole thing.

I’m not telling you what happen, go see the show. It makes fun of the calamity that happens after Curveballs statements. I will tell you Jason Collins is in the audience but where. Claire Neumann and Brandon Caldwell do an outstanding job doing several roles. The rest of the cast does a stellar job.

Misha Shields does a great job with the choreography.

You will be entertained by this funny musical.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

Photos by Annazor.

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