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Blackbird is playing at the Belasco Theatre located at 111 West 44th Street. It runs one hour thirty minutes with no intermission. The play closes on June 11, 2016.

The show was done at the Manhattan Theatre Club on April 10, 2007. It starred Jeff Daniels and Alisan Pill. It was directed by Joe Mantello.

Joe Mantello is the director. Joe won two Tony Awards for Assassins (2004) and Take Me Out (2003) . He was nominated for four Tony Awards for The Normal Heart (2011 actor), Glengarry Glen Ross(2005), Love! Valour! Compassion! (1995 and Drama Desk Award) and Angels In America (1993).

Jeff Daniels won a Primetime Emmy in 2013 for The Newsroom. He was nominated for a Tony Award for God of Carnage (2009).

Michelle Williams was nominated for two Academy Awards for Meek’s Cutoff (2010) and Wendy & Lucy (2008).

The setting is an office cafeteria. It is a mess.

Una (Michelle Williams) has tracks down Ray (Jeff Daniels) by an article in a magazine. She knew him fifteen year ago when she was twelve and he was forty. He also went by the name of Peter.

Ray lived in her neighborhood and knew her parents. Una had a crush on him. This went on for three months. He took her to a motel and had sex with her twice. She panicked when he left the room and never came back. She wouldn’t tell her parents what happened. They drugged her and the doctors did physical on her. That’s when they found out what happened.

She went to therapy and he went to jail.

Ray wants nothing to do with her. She insists the keep the door close he wants it opened. Una wants to confront him on what happened. Each tell their reaction and redemption on the matter. But have they?

Someone and something comes in at the end. Makes you wonder about Ray and Una. Maybe they have never been redeemed?

It was good but I left with so many questions like why is it named Blackbird? This story is not for everyone.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

Photos by Annazor.

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