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Boogie Stomp!

Boogie Stomp is playing at the Elektra Theatre located at 300 West 43rd Street 2nd floor. It opened on October3, 2105. The show runs to Janury16, 2016. It runs two hours and ten minutes with one intermission.

Bob Balder and Arthur Migliazza tell the story of Boogie Woogie music for the past 100 years. Each one tells how boogie influenced the blues, jazz, swing, rhythm and blues and rock n roll and show example thru several artists. Some of the artists are Chuck Berry. Benny Goodman (Sing, Sing, Sing) and Muddy Waters (Got My Mojo Working). They both play piano and sing. Bob sometimes plays the harmonica.

There are three screens on stage, one on either side of Bob and Arthur. The other is in the center of the stage on the wall. Among the things reflected on the screens are the artists whose songs they are singing.

Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza are two talented pianist. They make it look so easy.

I loved the videos they played of New York City in the 40’s and Benny Goodman’s band with Gene Krupa. They were not long but it was fun to see them.

This is a history of the music we hear every day. Although this not a play this is a show you should not miss. It’s worth seeing.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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