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Chamber Magic 

Chamber Magic is playing at the Waldorf Astoria, located at 100 East 50th Street. The show runs one hour ninety minutes with no intermission. There is a dress code of no casual wear. This is an open ended show.

The show is called Chamber Magic because it entertains you like the 19th century parlor performances.

Steve Cohen is the magician and mind reader. He co-wrote the show with Mark Levy.

The show opens and closes with a card trick. There are two parts, first part “Sampling of Steve Cohen”, with three tricks. Part two “Commence With” contains five tricks.

In between tricks he talks about the show, himself and magic.

I’ll never give away the tricks done because it will spoil it for you. Okay I’ll tell you one. Steve tells the audience to think of a city in the USA. He picks a woman from the audience and tells her to stand in the corner and to write down on the pad he provided the city she was thinking of. The pad is put upside down on the book shelve next to the women. She goes and stands next to Steve. He proceeds to rip apart a new map of the USA. Bit by bit he rips it apart until he gets a small piece. Steve puts a pin thru the piece that is left and asks the woman if that was the city she was thinking of. The answer is yes.

The show is in a suite in the tower section. There are four rows of seat with an aisle in between. When he does the card tricks he has the last row surround him on either side. The third row stands up. No one misses a trick.

I was skeptical about seeing a magic show. I’m glad I went and saw it. Not only is Steve witty, funny, and entertaining his facial expressions added to the show.

I was amaze with the tricks and in the back of my mind I kept wonder how he did it.

This is not a magic show for children , only adults .

If you desire a different kind of entertainment this is the show to see.

If you go let me know. Because if you figure out how he did the ticks I’d like to know.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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