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Coriolanus is playing at the American Theatre of Actors located at 314 West 54th Street. It runs over three hours with one intermission. The play closes April 20, 2014.

William Shakespeare wrote this play between 1606 thru 1608

There is a riot in Rome. Grain is withheld from ordinary citizens. The Roman General Cominius (Ken Coughlin) is blamed.

Coriolanus (Alan Hasnas) takes his Army to fight The Volscian who are their enemies. Tullus Aufidius (Armand Eisen) is their leader. He defeats Tullus and comes home a hero. His commander Cominius encourages him to run for consul. One thing leads to another and he is banished from Rome.

He teams up with Tullus to storm Rome to get even. All does not end as you expect as this is a tragedy

The stage is bare except for two platforms on either side of the stage and a chair.

Despite a great cast the play is just too long. The cast has the burden to keep the story interesting.

Clothes are modern, the army wears fatigues.

Alan Hasnas as Coriolanus does a great job.

Julia Yarwood as Virgilia is touching as Coriolanus wife. Her range of emotions is fantastic.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich