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Cougar The Musical

Playing at St. Luke’s Theatre located at 308 West 46th street. It runs one hour thirty minutes with no intermission. It opened on August 28, 2012 and is an open ended show.

Brenda Braxton was nominated for a Tony Award in 1995 for “Smokey Joe’s Café.

Lynne Taylor-Corbett (Director/Choreographer) was nominated for a Tony Award (Best Direction of a Musical) and Drama Desk Award (Outstanding Choreography) for “Swing” in 2000.

The musical takes place in New York City at the present time.

Cougar revolves around three women, Mary-Marie (Babs Winn), Clarity (Brenda Braxton) and Lily (Mary Mossberg). Shall we say the women are over forty? As Mary-Marie says you don’t ask a woman her age.

Mary-Marie owns a Cougar bar. She is on the prowl. Clarity has just quit her job to get her doctorate in women being cougars. Lily just got divorced from her second husband and is hurting. They all become friends. What happens is for you to find out.

Danny Bernardy plays several roles in the show.

The show builds up momentum and gets better as it goes along. You may have to be over forty to enjoy it, well if you are younger, you could think of you mother. Wow that gives me chills.

The main theme is why a woman over forty dating and younger man is called a cougar and an older man dating a younger woman a man. I believe they are called dirty old men. I wouldrather be a cougar then old.

It’s a fun show to see. Yes there were men in the audience. I guess they came with their wives. Whatever sex you are you will still like the show.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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