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Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland is playing at the Lunt- Fontanne Theatre located at 205 West 46th Street. It runs two hours forty minutes with one intermission. It opened on February 18, 2015 and is an opened ended run.

The musical is inspired by the 2004 film.

It premiered at the Curve Theatre in Leicester, England in 2012. The show was reworked in 2014 at the American Reparatory theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Scott Pask is the scenic designer. He won three Tony Awards for The Book of Mormons (2011), The Coast of Utopia Parts 1 &2 (2009) and The Pillowman (2005). Scott was nominated for a Tony Award for Pal Joey (2009) and Les Liaisons Dangereuses (2008).

Diane Paulus is the director. She won a Tony Award for Pippin (2013) and was nominated for a Tony Award for Hair (2003).

Matthew Morrison was nominated for a Tony Award and Drama Desk Award for The Light in the Piazza (2005). He was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for Finding Neverland (2015).

Kelsey Grammer won five Primetime Emmys for Fraiser in 1992, 1995, 1998, 2004 and 2006.

Carolee Carmello was nominated for three Tony Awards and five Drama Desk Awards. She was nominated for a Tony Award and Drama Desk Award for Scandalous: The Life and Trails of Amiee Semple (2013) and, Lestat (2006). She was nominated for a Tony award and won a Drama Desk Award for Parade (1999).

The musical takes place in England in 1904.

J. M. Barrie (Matthew Morrison) is a playwright. A new play of his has just opened. Mr. Barrie is celebrating the opening party with his wife Mary (Teal Wick) and the American producer Charles Frohman (Kelsey Grammer). The cast is paying him compliments on the show but behind his back they are saying it’s the worst play he has written.

J. M. Barrie has an idea in his subconscious on what his next play will be. He finds inspiration in Kensington Park. There he meets Sylvia LLewelyn Davies (Laura Michele Kelly) and her four sons Peter (Eli Tokash), Jack (Christopher Paul Richards), George (Jackson Demott Hill) and Michael (Christian Michael Camporin). Sylvia husband recently died. The children inspire him. When he becomes close to Sylvia, her mother Mrs. Du Maurier (Carolee Carmello) isn’t thrilled about it.

The basis of the musical is how Peter Pan came about being written.

I won’t spoil anything by telling you what happens. No matter how old you are you will enjoy this show.

Matthew Morrison, Kelsey Grammer, Laura Michelle Kelly and Carolee Carmello do an outstanding job. The whole cast is delightful. Who says you have to have a major role to shine. Johnathan Ritter and Robert Anthony Jones do just that. The scenes they are in they are fantastic! Matthew is leaving the show on January 24, 2016 and Tony Yazeck is taking his place.

I can’t forget the cute sheep dog Jill (Jack not sure who as on stage) who warms your heart.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

Photos by Annazor.

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