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First Date

The musical is playing at the Longacre Theatre located at 220 West 48th Street. It runs one hour forty minutes with no intermission. This is an open ended show.

Zachary Levi has been seen in NBC television series “Chuck”.

Eric Ankrim temporarily assumed Zachary role during his absence due to a previous standing commitment.

Krysta Rodriguez was last seen on Broadway in “The Adams Family” with Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth. She was in the NBC series Smash in 2013.

The setting is in New York City at the present time.

Aaron (Eric Ankrim) arrives at a restaurant for a blind date. He orders beer while waiting for his date. Casey (Krysta Rodriguez) comes in a little late. She asks the waiter (man number three Blake Hammond) if there is someone there for a blind date and who is he. The waiter gives her a nod in the direction he was in. Casey orders a double shot of whiskey.

There are two other couples in the restaurant.

Aaron and Casey get to know each other.

Well what follows is hilarious.

Each of the actors sitting at the tables plays several roles. When Casey and Aaron are thinking about what they should have said or what they actually said. One of the actors becomes someone in their life's and gives them advice on that situation. Casey sister (women one Sara Chase) talks to her. When Casey finds out Aaron is Jewish, women number one becomes Aaron grandmother. Casey keeps getting calls on her cell phone. Man number two (Kristoffer Cusick) play a gay friend who is calling so she can leave if the date is going bad. When he does not hear from her he decides to go to the restaurant to make sure she is okay. Women number two is played by (Kate Loprest). Among the roles she play is Aaron’s ex finance. Aaron’ s (man number one Bryce Ryness) plays his best friend. Each actor plays a different person in their life past, present or future.

I’m not telling you what happens because it will take the fun away.

Eric Ankrim is fantastic as Aaron. I loved his movements.

Krysta Rodriguez adds a nice touch to her role. She does a great job.

The rest of the cast considering they are doing several roles are outstanding in each role. They don’t miss a beat.

Kristoffer Cisick as Reggie and Aaron’s future son is solid and hilarious.

Kate Loprest as the ex-finance play a real b-tch you want to slap her in the face. That’s how good she is.

Sara Chase as Aaron’s grandmother will crack you up. She is so good.

This is a nice light musical. It’s fun but has some touching moments.

If you want to be entertained and leave with a smile on your face this is the show to see.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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