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Ghost Light

Ghost Light is playing at the Gloria Maddox Theatre located at 151 West 26th street. The play runs until March 3, 2013.

The show consists of six plays, three in each act.

A ghost light is left lit on a stage in a theatre that is unoccupied.

The only light on is the ghost light. To the left of the stage are an old piano and a woman singing songs. Once the show starts she wonders across the stage at the end of each play carrying a candle and singing a line or two from a song.

There are very few props a chair, a ladder or a bed depending on the play.

The stories are quirky but fun.

I had a favorite in each act. Act One “The Fly Space”. It is about a lighting technician in a high school theatre. He sees and talks to the stage ghost. Act Two “Seen” tells the story of a blind man seeing his physiatrist for sleeping pills.

For the price that you would pay to see a movie you can enjoy this off Broadway show. No frills, but who needs frills all the time. It is a nice change.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich