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Hamlet at Castle Clinton

Hamlet at Castle Clinton played by Shakespeare Downtown. It ran for two weeks at Castle Clinton on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in June 2019.

Hamlet is upset about his father death. His Uncle has become King and his mother married him two months after his father’s death. He is distraught. Hamlet sees his father’s images and so do the men in his group. However Hamlet is the only one he talks to. His father tells him that his Uncle had him killed..

Hamlet is out for revenge and we learn what he does.

This is the first time I got the full impact of Hamlet, thanks to the outstanding performance done by Evan Olson as Hamlet.

Billie Anderson is remarkable as Ophelia.

The cast had to overcome ferry horns, planes flying overhead and pigeons dancing on the roof. It didn’t faze them a bit that’s how good they were.

I caught it the last day it was performed. I’m so glad I did. Keep your eyes posted for Shakespeare at Castle Clinton for June 2020.