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Held Momentarily

Held Momentarily is playing at the Soho Playhouse located at 15 Vandam Street. The musical runs one hour.

The musical was part of the 2014 International Fringe Festival and is part of the 2014 Encore NYC Fringe Series.

The show was conceived by a few students at LaGuardia High School in New York City.

The show takes place in a subway car in Manhattan in NYC.

People are coming in and out of the car. Seven people are in the car when the conductor announces “We are being held momentarily by the dispatcher”.

Different thoughts are being heard by each person. We find out a little about each passenger. Greg (James Zebooker) and Mindy (Geena Quintos) just met on a blind date and it didn’t go well. Liam (ElliotGreen) dad (Oliver Houser) keeps pushing him to do better. A 93 grade is not good enough he can do better. Liam is studying to be a doctor. Bill (Oliver Houser) is a stressed out executive. Stan (Jordon Barrow) is on his way to meet his lover. But he is giving him a hard time. Lilith (India Carney) is a homeless lady living on the train. Sam (Yael Rizowy) is very pregnant. Her relationship with her fiancée has its ups and down’s. He’s a creep.

The longer they stay in the car, the more they become frantic. We find out more about them.

Sam goes into labor. Despite telling the conductor what is happening, no one comes to help. They all pitch in to deliver the baby.

This is a well done show. Some of the actors play several roles. Elliot Geer does a great job. India has a beautiful voice.

The only problem is today was the last day at the festival.

I hope the show gets picked up for an off Broadway Theatre. If it does, it is well worth seeing. Who hasn’t been on a train that has been “Held Momentarily”?

Review by Rozanna Radakovich