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Himself and Nora

Himself and Nora is playing at the Minetta Lane Theatre located at 18 Minetta Lane. It runs two hours with one intermission. The musical closes August 6, 2016.

It premiered in 2005 at the Old Globe in San Diego, California for six weeks.

The musical begins with James Joyce (Matt Boggrt) dead body on the table. A priest (Cole Burden) is saying prayers. He opens the window to let James spirit out. Outside the window is a man and women who we learn later were his parents. His wife Nora Barnacle (Whitney Bashor) is cursing him for not waiting for her to come back.

They met in 1904 in Ireland. He was educated, she was not. The story revolves around there life together (unmarried for 27 years) with two children a boy and girl. They did get married eventually.

Joyce wanted to leave Ireland. He wanted to write and was afraid the Catholic Church interfere with what he wanted to write. It took him years to get his material published, it was considered shocking for the time period it was written in. The United States censored his works for a while.

Three of the actors Cole Burden, Gary Troy and Lianne Marie Dobbs play several roles. The whole cast does a remarkable job. Matt Bogart and Whitney Basher have beautiful voices.

If you know of James Joyce or have heard of him but are not knowable of the man you will still like the show. It makes you want to know more when you leave.

So with that in mind I’m not telling you the details of the show to spoil it. But you have one week left to see this interesting musical.

Review By Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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