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Joan Of Arc Into The Fire

Joan of Arc: Into the Fire is playing at the Public Theatre located at 425 Lafayette Street. It runs one hour and thirty minutes with no intermission. The musical closes on April 30, 2017.

Alex Timbers is the director. He was nominated for two Tony Awards for Peter and the Starcatcher 2012) and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (2011).

Tony Hoggett is the choreographer. He was nominated for three Tony Awards for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (2015), Rocky (2014) and Once (2011).

Mare Winningham was nominated for a Tony Award for Casa Valetina (2014).

The play starts around 1429. Joan (Jo Lampert) seeks Captain Baudricourt (Michael James Shaw). God has spoken to her and told her their fight with England would be successful. After proving she was virtuous she changes into clothes looking like a man. She fights several battles with the men. They win enough land back for the King of France to return. But he doesn’t want to go back into battle to get back all of France. He gives Joan 500 men but it is not enough.

Joan is capture. The cleric there wants to know if she is a Virgin. God would only talk to a Virgin. She refuses to recant her visions or tell them what they are. Joann said she would give them basic information. After being tortured she recants seeing visions. She signs a paper saying that, figuring she would set free. Joan is put in jail but escapes. When she is caught she is burned at the stake.

Seven years after she died, the visions she saw came true.

This is the basis of the story. It is an interesting presentation. The set moves around. The show contains use of fog, haze, open flame and strobe lights. Before the show starts there is a canvas on stage that says She was warned, She was given an explanation, Nevertheless, She persisted. Information is projected on the wall on stage as to the dated or what the event is.

The band is great and appears on stage in different locations. There were two songs that rocked, words and beat were great.

You can learn more by seeing the show and reading the playbill that gives you all the dates with the event that happened.

There are twelve actors in the musical, two play one role and ten play several. They all do a stellar job. Hats off to the ten actors. They go in and out of the different roles without losing a beat.

Review by Rozana Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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