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Josephine & I

Josephine and I is playing at Joe's Pub at The Public Theatre located at 425 Lafayette Street.

The show runs one hour thirty minutes with no intermission. It closes April 5, 2015.

Phyllida Lloyd is the director. She was nominated for a Tony Award in 2009 for “Mary Stuart”.

Cush Jumbo wrote the play. She is from England. Cush made her Broadway debut in “The River”.

The show premiered at the London Bush Theatre in 2013.

Josephine Baker (June 3, 1906-April 12, 1975) was an American born French dancer, singer and actress known in various circles as “Black Pearl”, “Bronze Venus” and “Creole Goddess”. She was born Freda Josephine McDonald in St Louis, Missouri. Josephine became a French citizen in 1937. Miss Baker was the first black women to star in a major motion picture Zou, Zou (1934). She refused to perform for segregated audiences in America.

The pianist (Joseph Atkins) is playing an introduction of tunes. He keeps looking to his right when a woman approaches him. She looks like she could be the director. He stars playing the introduction again when this girl (Cush Jumbo) puts her bag down with her dog. She apologizes to the audience for being late. It seems she was at an audition on the Bowery. The actress explains the role she just came from has been one she has been called back several times.

Girl explains her fascination for Josephine Baker.

We go back and forth from the girl and Josephine Baker and their lives.

The show ends with Josephine Baker death. She sings “The Times They are a Changing”.

To tell you what happens would ruin this delightful show.

There are lots of prop. When I sat down I was told the box on the floor I should open when I am prompted to from the stage. I am not to open until them. I will tell you eleven other people had the same orders.

Cush Jumbo is a very talented actress. I hope we see more of her on Broadway,

Review by Rozanna Radakovich