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<50% or Less Than Fifty Percent is playing at the Soho Playhouse located at 15 Vandam Street. It runs two hours. It will play on 9/22/14, 9/29/14 and 10/4/14.

The play was part of the New York International Fringe Festival and is part of the years Fringe Encore series.

This is a play within a play. Gianmarco Soresi plays the actor and playwright. He addresses the audience as the playwright telling the story is about the two actors and their relationship. The other actor is Laura Catalano. He hopes the play will make the Fringe Festival.

The story changes when the actors are not comfortable with a scene. The male actor talks directly to the audience from time to time. He also does a comedy routine. Some scenes you hear voices as if it an audience reaction, so you know that scene is a play.

It is a quirky idea and is cute. However it gets confusing because different scenes you’re not sure if it’s a play, an actual park of their lives or a play that is being written since there are revisions being done.

If you in for something different, this is the show to see.

Surprising there was no curtain call.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.