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Little Women

Little Women is playing at the Cherry Lane Theatre located at 38 Commerce Street. It runs . The play closes on June 29, 2019.

The story is based on Louis May Alcott novel.

Jo (Kristolyn Lloyd), Beth (Paula Sanchez Abreu), Meg (Kate Hamill) and Amy (Carmen Zilles) are acting out a story Jo has written. Jo is writing a book. When she’s in the house she is dressed as a boy but on the outside she has a shirt on.

Amy mispronounces words and Jo writes them down.

The sisters go to a party. Meg meets Brooks (Michael Crane) and Jo meets Laurie (Nate Mann). Megs relationship is romantic and Jos is just friendship at least for her..

Her mother Marmie (Maria Elena Ramirez) is summoned to Washington, D. C. where her husband Robert March (John Lenartz) is in a hospital. Its war time and he is hurt. When she leaves Hannah (Ellen Harvey) watches them.

Beth gets scarlet fever but gets over it.

Meg marries Brooks.

Jo has a story she wrote published in the paper. But when she submits her book and they won’t publish it because she is a woman.

The play has something to say but not the way it was done. It lacks spark and luster. I felt at times I was watching a high school production.

Joe is constantly saying I am a woman and can do whatever men do!

Kate Hamill, and Kristolyn Lloyd are remarkable. Michael Crane was banner especially in one scene where he is a bird.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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