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Macbeth, Lincoln Center

Playing at the Vivian Beaumont Theater located at 150 West 65th Street at Lincoln Center. The play runs two hours forty five minutes with one intermission. It closes on January 12, 2014.

The play was written by William Shakespeare between 1600-1607. Most common date is 1606. Earliest performance was in 1611.

There are twenty seven cast members in this production.

Jack O’Brien (director) was nominated for nine Tony Awards and won three. They are “The Last of Utophia” (2007), ”Henry IV” (2004), and “Hairspray” (2003). Jack was nominated for eight Drama Desk Awards and won five. He won for “The Coast of Utophia” (2007), “Henry IV” (2004), Hairspray” (2003), “The Invention of Love” (2001) and “The Piano Lesson” (1990).

Brian d’Arcy James won an Outer Critic Circle for “Shrek the Musical” (2008). He was nominated for a Tony Award for this role.

Richard Easton won a Tony Award and Drama Desk Award for “The Invention of Love” (2001).

John Glover won a Tony Award for “Love! Valour! Compassion! ”(1995). He was nominated for a Tony Award for “Waiting for Godot” (2009).

Johnny Orsini was nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award for “The Nance” (2013).

Daniel Sunjata won a Theatre World award for “Take Me Out” (2003). He was nominated for a Tony Award and Drama Desk Award for this role.

Macbeth is honored for his valor in war by Duncan King of Scotland (Richard Easton). Duncan names his son Malcolm (Johnny Orsini) future heir to the throne.

Meanwhile Macbeth is told by three witches that he will be the future King. Lady Macbeth (Anne-Marie Duff) tells her husband the only way he will achieve this is to kill Duncan and his son. He kills Duncan but Malcolm escapes to London.

What happens, well you have see the show to find out. This a classic play. It’s told in a way that is easy to follow. Which is unusual for a Shakespeare production?

The set and costumes add to this wonderful show.

Ethan Hawke holds his own as haunted and unstable man who wants to be King. He was good.

Johnny Orsini does a touching job.

Brian d’Arcy James is outstanding as Banquo.

BUT not to be missed is John Glover as the witch. He was fantastic. This is the best role I have seen him in so far.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich .

Photos by Annazor.

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