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Macbeth:The Unsex Me Here Project

Macbeth: The Unsex Here Project is playing at the Access Theater Gallery located at 380 Broadway at White Street. It runs Wednesday thru Sunday until April 19, 2015. The show runs one hour forty minutes with no intermission.

I’m not telling the story of Macbeth except that he wanted to be King, what happen, how he got it you will have to read the story or see the show.

Most of the characters are done by Sarah Eismann, she does Macbeth and Amanda Boekelheide. They multi task the roles. There are two people who are located against the wall; they read some of the other characters. Sarah and Amanda will hold up a piece of paper with the character’s name that is being read. They will place the paper on a chair or lap of an audience member. At times they will look at the person or chair the paper is on as if they are addressing them in person.

The porter comes out, talks to Sarah and Amanda and then departs.

Sarah and Amanda are two very talented actresses. They play different characters without skipping a beat. Amanda especially can move her hands and body in a way, I could ever dream of.

The actors that do the voices and porter change at each performance. The porter at the performance I was at was played by Michael Mellen. He was good.

There is no stage, lights, thimbles and some noises are used.

If you like Shakespeare, this is a wonderful production to see. It is a different approach to the story. But you do need to know the story.

The only down to the show is the five flights of stairs from hell you have to go up to get to the theater.

But if you’re willing, go see this show.

Oh! Did I mention that Amanda does a great horse impression?

Review by Rozanna Radakovich