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Medea is playing at the Harvey Theatre located at 651 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, New York. It runs one hour twenty minutes with no intermission. It closes on February 23, 2020.

Dylan Baker was nominated for a Tony Award in 1991 for La Bete.

Before the show Edgar (Gabriel Amoroso) is on his stomach looking at his tablet. Gus (Emeka Guindo) is resting against the wall looking at his phone

Ana (Rose Byre) is talking to Lucas (Bobby Cannavale). We get the feeling they are couple and may have had a fight. Anna wants to make up.

As the story goes on, we find out they are married. Anna found out Lucas was having an affair by answering the text message he was getting on his phone. She responded as if she was Lucas.

Anna slowly poisons Lucas, but gets caught and is put in prison. The women he was having an affair Clara (Madeline Weinstein) is now living with him and his kids. Anna wants continue with their marriage as if nothing has happened. She was a doctor/scientist and goes to get her job back. Anna’s boss Christopher (Dylan Baker) says no. It seems Lucas works there and Christopher’s is daughter is the one he’s having an affair with. She gets a job with Herbert (Victor Almanzar) who helps homeless people. Anna also sees a social worker Eisbeth (JordonBoatman).

Lucas wants her to sign the divorce papers.

Anna wants to spend time with her children Edgar and Gus. The kids catch them in bed after they have sex. Things heat up in more ways than one. Anna tells him the things that built up to cause her to snap. As she is talking black flakes are falling.

Lucas tell her Clara is pregnant and the company they worked for is moving to China. He was offered a position there and is going with the kids.

I won’t tell you the ending except it is powerful.

There is no set, just white walls. Rose Byrne face is reflected on the top part of stage. We get to see her emotions more intently.

It was slow in the beginning as we get to know the characters. The second half has more content and is very good.

I saw it the first day it opened so things may have changed by the time it officially opened. It’s still an interesting play.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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