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Misery is playing at the Broadhurst located at 235 West 44th Street. It runs for one hour thirty five minutes with no intermission. It closes February 14, 2016.

Misery was written by Stephen King in 1987. It was to be release under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman. The identity was found out before the book was released.

The world premiere was staged at Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pa in the fall of 2012.

William Goldman is the playwright. He won two Academy Awards for All the Presidents Men (1976) and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969).

Ann Roth is the costume designer. She won a Tony Award for The Nance (2013) and was nominated for three The Book of Mormons (2013), The House of Blue Leaves (1986) and The Crucifer of Blood (1979). Ann won an Academy Award for the English Patient in 1997.

Bruce Willis has appeared in over sixty films. He is known for his television role as David Addison in Moonlighting (1985-1989).

Laurie Metcalf was nominated for two Tony Awards for The Other Place (2013) and November (2008). She won three Primetime Emmy Awards for Roseanne in 1994, 1993 and 1992. Laurie was nominated for seven other Prime Time Emmy Awards.

The time is winter of 1987; the place is outside Silver Creek, Colorado.

We are in a room that is dark, a women is giving someone pills and water.

When the lights come on, Annie Wilkes (Laurie Metcalf) is giving Paul Sheldon (Bruce Willis) some pain killers. There is blood on his face and his right arm is in a sling. Paul’s legs are broken. Paul was in a car accident. His car slipped off the road and he was unconscious in the car. Annie was behind when the accident happened. She managed to pry open the car door and rescue him. She was a nurse and took him to her house. Annie claims the phones were out and the roads were to bad for an ambulance to come.

Annie keeps giving him pain killers.

Paul is a writer of a series of Victorian novels called Misery Chastain. Annie keeps telling him she is his biggest fan. Paul asked her if she took the black valise on the seat next to him. Annie says yes. He has been at the Boulderdo Hotel working on a draft of a new book. This book will be different from the Misery series. Paul lets her read the draft. She hates it. He said the final Misery series will be out soon.

Annie is in heaven when the new book comes out. The ending upsets her, and threatens him she won’t tell anyone where he is. She wants the new manuscript burned and a new Misery novel written with a different ending.

Twice police officer Buster (Leon Addison Brown) comes to her house asking questions about Paul. She responds that she has not seen Paul. She said wish she has as she is a big fan.

What happens, does he escape, you will have see the show.

The show is entertaining.

Bruce Willis is good but limited in movement. He spends all his time in bed or in a wheelchair.

Laurie Metcalf is the show. She does a remarkable performance.

The set moves around from room to room. Before the show starts there is a house on stage snow is falling. Some snow and ice are on the roof. This is a well done set.

There were a couple of flaws in the details like the ice and snow not being totally melted. In the later scene the ice was gone but not the snow all of it was there. Another I won’t say because it would give something away. But this was previews so hope fully it will be perfect when the show opens.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

Photos by Annazor.

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