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Napoli, Brooklyn

Napoli Brooklyn is playing at the Laura Pels Theatre located at 111 West 46th Street. It runs two hours, with one intermission. The play closes on September 3, 2017.

Eugene Lee is the scenic designer. He won three Tony Awards for Wicked (2003), Sweeney Todd (1979) and Candide (1974).

Jane greenwood is the costume designer. She was nominated for a Tony Award in 2002 for Morning’s at Seven.

The place is Brooklyn in 1960. Nic Muscolino (Michael Rispoli) was a stowaway on a ship to the United States from Italy. He met his wife Lusovica (Alyssa Bresnahan) in the U. S. She is always talking to God. They have three daughters. Tina (Lilli Kay) is the oldest. She works in a factory with little education. Tina avoids her coworkers. Celia Jones (Shirine Babb) is African American who works alongside her. Celia knows how to read and told her she will teach her to read. The middle daughter is Vita (Elise Kibler). She is fed up with her father’s domineering ways. She comes to the rescue of her youngest sister Francrsca (Jordon Dinatale) when she cuts her hair very short in front of their father. The father goes ballistic and starts to beat her. When Vita intercedes she is beaten. She ends up in the hospital. When she recovers he sends her to a convent.

Francesca is gay. Her girlfriend is Connie Duffy (Juliet Brett). They are both fifteen and plan to run away to France. Connie’s father is a butcher. Albert (Erik Lochtefeld) flirts with Ludovica when she comes into the shop.

At the end of Act one an airplane crashes in their neighborhood destroying the church among many buildings and lives are lost.

Act two revolves around what happens after the crash.

This is the basis of a very well done play. They are not glamorous people, their thinking is old world. The children are the new generation.

The cast does a great job. The only problem is when Alyssa and Michael’s Italian accents get to thick to understand what they are saying.

The set is plain, who needs more. We know where we are and not distracted by the content. The crash scene was fantastic! Wow!

In the lobby is the story of the crash that happened at 10:30 on December 16, 1960 in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Two planes collided; one went down in Staten in Staten Island. The other plan flew for eleven minutes when it crashed in Park Slope. Killing six people and destroying 12 buildings.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

Photos by Annazor.

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