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Philip Goes Forth

Playing at the Mint Theater located at 311 west 43rd Street, third floor. It runs two hours ten minutes with one intermission. The show closes on October 27, 2013.

The play made its debut at the Biltmore Theatre on Broadway in 1931. It ran for 97 performances.

George Kelly is the playwright. He won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1926 for “Craig’s Wife”. “The Fatal Weakness” in 1946 was his last Broadway play. Grace Kelly was his niece.

Act one is in Mrs. Randolph house 100 miles outside New York City. Act two and three takes place six months later in New York City.

Philip (Bernardo Cabria) has a fight with his father, Mr. Eldridge (Cliff Bemis). He works in his father business. Philip wants to be a playwright but has no time do it. Philip tells this to his Aunt, Mrs. Randolph (Christine Toy Johnson). He decides he is going to New York City to pursue his dream.

Mrs. Olivier pays a visit to Mrs. Randolph. She is on her way to Florida with her daughter Cynthia (Nataie Kuhn). Cynthia encourages Philip to follow his dream. He promises to write her and they kiss.

Philip has been gone from home for six months. He is living in a boarding house on Lexington Avenue. The boarders are all in the arts. The owner of the place, Mrs. Ferris (Kathryn Kates) was a well-known actress twenty five years ago.

Mrs. Randolph comes to visits Philip. She is on her way to Florida. It seems his father has been in town and has not visited him at all. Mrs. Randolph recognizes Mrs. Ferris. She tells her, her friend Mrs. Olivier would be thrilled to meet her. When Philip leaves, she asks Mrs. Ferris if he is talented. Mrs. Ferris says yes. But that’s not what she tells Philip. She informs him that his play has been rejected and that he has no talent.

To make things worse one of the boarders kills himself. Mr. Eldridge fearing his son might be the next one comes to see his son the next day. Philip asks his dad if he can come home and he could write from there. Each one gives a little and a family has been reunited.

Kathryn Kates is mesmerizing in this role. She has such compassion. You feel she cares for her boarders. She is convincing in the role. I’d love to see her in another show.

Cliff Bemis does a great as the father.

The set is great. Act one everything is white including the flowers. In Act two and three the walls are turquoise, with one wall with book shelves filled with books and another with modern art paintings on it.

The clothes and set could be 1931 or 2013. It doesn’t matter the theme is not dated. Child verses parent never changes.

This is a good revival to see.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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