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Pillars Of New York

Pillars Of New York is playing at St. Luke’s Theatre located at 308 West 46th Street. The musical runs one our forty minutes with no intermission. It closes on September 7, 2016.

Jake Kelly (Charles Baran) is a therapist who has written a book on the effect 9/11 has had on his patients. He is talking about his book at a book signing.

We then go back before 9/11 and meet four of his patients and his assistant Wendy (Georgia Sackler) helping him with the book. Originally he was going to write about his patient’s issues. Wendy tells him that he can’t do that and he replies I’m not using their real names. Wendy is using her boyfriend Marty (Jack Utrata) computer.

His patients are Rachel (Audrey Federici). Her son Alex (Tyler) is gay. Bianca (Laura Kaldis) and her husband Davis ( Max). He supported her while she went to college, now it’s his turn. Harley (Nikki Casseri) and her husband Victor (Alex Lamb) are living beyond their means. The last patient is Carrie (April Leonhard) and her cheating husband Marty (Jack Utrata).

We find out more about their issues and lives.

The show has potential as a play. The music does not add anything to the story. There were two scenes where it did shine. Some songs the actor sang off key. We need to find out more information on the characters to care what happens to them.

The scenes on the subway were funny. However during that time period people did not wear torn jeans and one character did. The scenes were done cleverly. There would be a photo where it was taking place in the background.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.