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Popcorn Falls

Popcorn Falls is playing at the Davenport Theatre located at 354 West 45th Street. It runs one hour thirty five minutes with no intermission. It closes January 6, 2019.

Christian Borle is making his New York directorial debut. He won two Tony Awards for Something Rotten (2015) and Peter and the Star Catcher (2012) and was nominated for two Tony Awards for Falseettos (2017) and Legally Blonde (2007).

We are in the town hall of Popcorn Falls. A sign says it was established in 1842.

Mr. Trundle (Adam Heller) the mayor of the town is trying to make an announcement. The mic isn’t working. Joe (Tom Souhrada) finds out a squirrel has chewed the cord. They are waiting for a local politician to come. He promised the mayor funding to keep the town alive. One of the problems is the water has been shut off to the town. When he arrives he announces the changes that are going to be made to the town, not good. He the hands Mr. Trundle a check for the town’s theatre as promised. Mr. Trundle sees the amount and he is thrilled it’s enough to save the town. However he makes the mistake and tells him there is no theatre. The check is grabbed back. They strike a deal if they can put on a play in a week they can have the check back.

The rest is who and how they manage to pull off the miracle.

Both actors play several characters in the town. Adam and Tom move back and forth with different props.

To tell you what happens will spoil the show.

Adam and Tom do a remarkable job. Tom plays each character as if it’s the only character he is playing. He goes from one character to another without skipping a beat.

IF you want to have a fun time at the theatre and see two terrific actors, this is the show to see.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos y Annazor.

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