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Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience-A Parody by Dan & Jeff

At the Little Shubert Theatre located at 422 west 42nd Street. It opened on May 19, 2012 and has been extended to September 2, 2012. The show runs for seventy plus minutes with no intermission.

The show began as a five-minute street show in 2005. It was done to entertain the people in line for the midnight release of the sixth Harry Potter book. In 2011 it return and played at the Bury St Edmonds Royal Theatre. It also played at the Pleasance Grand and London's Garrick Theatre.

The play was nominated in 2012 for "Best Entertainment and Family Olivier Award"

The play is based on seven books (3,000 pages) and eight movies (1,178 minutes) of the Harry Potter series.

Before the show opens Daniel Clarkson goes in the audience and shakes hands. When the show opens Jefferson Turner is in a train on the left side of the stage reading book one of Harry Potter. There are three objects on the stage covered with sheets and one in the center of the stage. On the right side is a school desk, book case and a coat rack. The sheets are removed by Daniel. The left there is a tall painting of a coconut tree with a crab on the right bottom. The second object is a wardrobe dresser which is used as a screen and the back hold props and on the right is a coffin. In the center is a skate board with two stuffed animals. The props have nothing to do with Harry Potter.

Each book story is told in a very condensed form. Scenes are acted out. Each is sillier then the last.

Props of stuffed animals and masks are used. Music is also used to set the mood.

One scene Dan picks out two children in the audience and brings them on stage. Big hats are put on the children. A game of Quidditch is played. There are two colored circles lite up on either side of the wall The audience is divided into two teams with a inflatable ball that is passed around. They are suppose to get the ball into the circle. Which of course they don't.

All the books are done.

Daniel and Jefferson are hilarious.

It is a fun show for the young at heart. You will appreciate it more if you have read the books but if you haven't you will still have a good time. Some of the children were dressed up as Harry Potter. I wonder if the children think how silly adults can be. Like Peter Pan they never grow up.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

Photos by Annazor.