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Revenge and Guilt

Playing at the Kraine Theater located at 85 East 4th Street. It runs one hour thirty minutes with one intermission. The play closes October 9, 2013.

Cal Arbus (Peter Buck Dettmann) visits his old music teacher Marvin “Major” Cohen (Tom Vaught) on the pretense he wants him to sign a petition. Small talk is made. Major is a washed up musician. Gina Sharp (Emily Russell) is Cal’s girlfriend. She walks in and smashes Major with a bottle.

Flash back to what brought this on. Cal met Gina in a bar. She is a con artist and just got out of jail.

Cal blames his bad luck in life on the fact that he could have been a rock star. When he was thirteen he went to Major for music lessons. Major told him he had no talent.

Gina talks Cal into confronting Major about it after a night of sex. All Gina wants to do is rob him. When she finds Cal hasn’t done anything she knocks Major unconscious so she can see what there is to take. There’s is nothing of value. She leaves with the stereo and the key to Majors car.

In the end Cal gets his guitar lesson and they both get high.

Before the show begins you get to listen to music from the 60’s. For an off off Broadway show it has its merits.

I was amazed when the lights were dim how the cast and crew were able to change set. There is nothing fancy about the stage but it’s enough to set the mood.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich