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Ride The Cyclone

Ride The Cyclone is playing The Lucille Lortel Theatre located 121 Christopher St. It runs ninety minutes with no intermission. The musical runs until December 18, 2016.

The stage is a warehouse of carnival fixtures. The cyclone sign light goes on and off. Lights flicker everywhere.

A mechanical fortune teller (Karl Hamilton) machine lights up. He tells us the only thing he told was when and where the person would die. The fortune teller says he will die in an hour. The rat to my left has been chewing on my wires for two years and tonight he will have finally chew to the wire and kill us both.

He then tells us who is going to die next. The Saint Cassian High School Chamber Choir has finished performing. They decide to go on the roller coaster. As the coaster goes downs the front axle breaks killing all five of them.

They appear by the fortune teller. He tells them if you tell me what your life was like and what you hope it would have been I will let one of you live. Ocean O’Connell Rosenberg (Tiffany Tatreau) is the leader. Her friend Constance Blackwood (Lillian Castillo) adores her. Micha Bachinski (Gus Halper) is from the Ukraine. Noel Gruber (Kholby Wardell) is gay. Ricky Potts (Alex Wyse) has crutches.

Another body turns up with no head. Jane Doe (Emily Rohm) has the school out fit on but no one knows who she is.

Each one tells there story. The fortune teller tells them the vote has to be unanimous.

Well I’m not telling you who won or the stories they told.

I will tell you this is a campy, quirky, delightful musical. This is not your ordinary musical. The show is sort off a Rocky Horror Show and not the television version which was horrible.

The set (Scott Davis) and costumes (Theresa Ham) were amazing.

The whole cast all did an awesome job both acting and singing.

Don’t miss out on an enjoyable evening out at an off off Broadway show.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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