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Playing at the Dorothy B. Williams Theatre, at “Here”. Located at 146 Sixth Avenue (entrance at Dominick Street). The play runs one hour. It is playing until March 23, 2013.

Rogerandtom world premiered in 2003 at the Personal Space Theatre. The show has played in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Boston. Most recently it played in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Penny (Suzy Jane Hunt) is confused. Her apartment is a mess, boxes everywhere. We don’t know if she is moving in or leaving. When her husband Rich (Jonathan Tindle) arrives we find out he is the one moving out. She is waiting for her brother Roger (Eric T. Miller) to come. Penny is taking him to see their brothers Tom’s play. She calls her brother to find out where he is. A cell phone rings in the audience. Rich says people don’t shut off their phone when they go to the theatre. But the phone that went off is her brother Roger's phone. He comes out of the audience to go on stage.

That’s when it sometimes get confusing, who is who and what is happening. My interpretation is how far an actor goes in a role that they become that character and believe that it is there life they are living.

The cast sometimes address’s the audience as if you are part of the play.

This is a wonderful stage for the space that it is in. You can imagine a living room, bed room, kitchen and bathroom. The audience surrounds it on three sides. David Esler did a great job. Suzy actually uses the bathroom pulling down her stockings and under ware to use the toilet. No you don’t see anything

This may not be every ones type of theatre but it is interesting. It makes you think. At least it got the audience to talk after it finished.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.