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School of Rock

School of Rock is playing at the Winter Garden located at 1634 Broadway. It runs two hours twenty minutes with one intermission. It is an opened ended run.

The musical is based on the 2003 film of the same name. Jack Black originated the role in the movie.

Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the music and lyrics with Glenn Slater for the show.

Mr. Webber has won seven Tony Awards for Sunset Boulevard (1995) Best Musical and Original Score, The Phantom of the Opera (1998) Best Musical, Cats (1983) Best Musical and Original Score, Evita (1979) Best Musical and Original Score. Andrew won five Olivier Awards, an Academy Award (Evita) and four Grammy Awards.

Glenn Slatter is the lyricist. He was nominated for two Tony Awards for Sister Act (2011) and The Little Mermaid (2008)

Anna Louizos is the set and costume designer. She was nominated for three Tony Awards The Mystery of Edwin Drood (2013), In the Heights (2008) and High Fidelity (2007). She was nominated for four Drama Desk Awards for Irving Berlin’s White Christmas (2009), In the Heights (2007), Curtains (2007) and High Fidelity (2007).

Sierra Boggess was nominated for a Drama desk Award for The Little Mermaid (2008).

Dewey (Alex Brightman) is playing guitar at a rock concert with the band he is in. He is looking forward to being part of the battle of the bands. But he gets kicked out of the band for upstaging the main singer.

He lives with his longtime friend Ned (Spencer Moses) and Ned’s girlfriend Patty (Mamie Parris). Dewey hasn’t paid rent in a long time and Patty wants him out.

Dewey answers Ned’s cell phone. The call is from the principal Rosalie (Sierra Boggess) of a private school. She needs a substitute teacher and wants to know if he would like the job. When Dewey finds out how much the jobs pays he says yes but doesn’t tell her he is not Ned.

You will have to see the show to find out what happens. I will tell you that he forms a rock band with the students called “School of Rock”, so he can enter the battle of the bands.

This is an awe-inspiring musical. There is a large cast; I’d hate to leave any one out. They all do an amazing job. I will mention one young lady, Bobbi McKenzie who is 11 years old. Her performance of Amazing Grace will take your breath away. She has a beautiful voice. It was mentioned before the show started that all the children are playing the instruments they are using.

The show was entertaining but also had a message. It was telling the parents to listen to what their kids are saying. They are individuals who have their own idea of what they like and want to be. You are there to listen and guide them even if the choice may be wrong. To the kids it is saying learn to express yourself to your parents so they understand what you are trying to tell them. One example is Billy (Luca Padovan) is reading a magazine. His father tells him to put it down the magazine to watch a foot ballgame. He tells him every one in the family played football. When he refuses to put down the magazine, he grabs it away from him and finds he is reading Vogue. Billy is afraid to tell him he wants to be a clothes designer.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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