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Significant Other

Significant Other is playing at the Booth Theatre located at 222 West 45th Street. It runs two hours and fifteen minutes with one intermission. The play closes on July 2, 2017.

Mark Wendland is the scenic designer. He was nominated for two Tony Awards for The Merchant of Venice (2011) and Next to Normal (2009).

Barbara Barrie was nominated for a Tony Award for Company (1970), a Drama Desk Award for The Killdeer (1979) and an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Breaking Away (1979). Barbara was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Breaking Away (1980). She is known for her role “Elizabeth Miller” in Barney Miller 1975-1978.

Kiki (Sas Goldberg) is talking up a storm to her friends Vanessa (Rebecca Naomi Jones), Laura (Lindsey Mendez) and Jordon (Gideon Glick) in a club. She’s saying how hard it is to find the right guy and what she is going to do about it. They all work at the same place. Laura and Jordon have been friends since childhood. Jon is gay. A new guy at work Will (John Behlmann) catches his eye.

The story revolves around Kiki, Vanessa and Laura finding the right guy and getting married. They all married except Jordon. Jordon is the only one struggling to find someone. We get to meet three of the Will (John Behlmann), Zac and Evan (Luke Smith).

Jordon visits his Grandmother Helen Berman (Barbara Barrie). He brings her drugs he has pick up and make sure she takes them. He always picks up photos in a frame and asks her who they are. On one of the visits she tells him his life is like a book one chapter at time. When one finishes another will start. You will have a big book.

Laura is the last to marry. Jordon is upset that he will no longer be the most important man in her life. Roger (Luke Smith) will be the one she will do things with. He doesn’t want to go to her wedding but decides he will attend. As he watches her dance her first dance as a married couple there are tearsin his eyes and joy in his face. Light fade out.

This is a wonderfully done play. It is a comedy but has a message. Good friends will always be friends no matter what directions their live go in. Sometime we are lucky to find the right person and sometimes we have to keep looking.

The set is used for multi rooms done in a clever way. Mark Wendland did a great job.

I usually don’t like comedies, so if I like this show it must be impressive. Do go see it.

This is a great cast. They work so well together, you would think they were good really friends. Luke Smith and John Behlman play three different characters. Gideon Glick shines. He does an awesome job.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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