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Something Sudden 5wept Ov3r Me

Playing at the Robert Moss Theatre located at 440 Lafayette Street, 3rd floor. The play runs seventy five minutes. It plays until June 19, 2013.

Something 5udden Swept Ov3r Me is part of the planet Connections Theatre Festival. “New York Premiere eco friendly/socially-conscious art festival”.

Four dancers dance across the bare stage with a light on each foot and head.

Mist-Rain-Waves- Tears (Asol Karim) stands on the left side of the stage on a stand. She makes random statements.

Norbit (Marek Sapieyevski) is talking to his professor (Richard Welton) and his daughter Slink Vixen Obsidian (Halli Herzog). Norbit has a crush on her.

There are aliens on the planet disguised has humans. Norbit finds out the professor and Slink are one of them. They tell him the planet will be destroyed. The professor gives him a devise capable of saving the planet. The only thing is it will only work in New Jersey and won’t tell him how.

Norbit saves the planet but at what price. He is taken into the space ship. With little memory of what happened. However he wins Slink with a kiss.

This is a quirky show, there are no frills. The stage is a bare for the most part. If you play video games you might like this show.

Marek Sapieyevski is great in his role.

The best part of the show is the four dancers. They are Rina Barrantes, Samatha Gullace, Yuhari Osaka and Natalie Robison. They are wonderful. They glide across the stage with such ease. Their movements are so graceful, interacting with the main characters as if they are ghosts. These four ladies are worth seeing.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich