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Stalking The Bogeyman

Stalking The Bogeyman is playing at the New World Stages located at 340 West 50th Street. It runs ninety minutes with no intermission. This is an opened ended run.

John Herrera was nominated for a Tony Award in 1985 for “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”.

Roxanne Hart was nominated for a Tony Award in 1983 for “Passion”.

The play is based a story written in 2004 called “This American Life”.

The setting is in Anchorage, Phoenix and Denver 1978-2004.

The show opens with reporter David Holthouse (Roderick Hill) stalking the man he felt was better off dead that no one would miss him. ”The Bogeyman”.

His parents Robert (Murphy Guyer) and his Mother Nancy (Kate Levy) have just moved to Alaska. They are invited to their neighbor’s house Carol Crawford (Roxanne Hart) and Ross (John Herrera). While they are with their neighbor, their son David goes down in the basement with Carols son “The Bogeyman” (Erik Heger). He is into sports in school. While down there he forces David to do oral sex on him and then he rapes him. He threatens him if he tells he will kill his parents gut his heart out.

David becomes a reporter and lands a job in Denver. He sees a therapist but it does not help. He’s afraid he might do the same to someone. He will not tell his parents what happened.

Nancy calls her son to tell him that the next door neighbor’s son is living in Denver with his wife and kids.

This sets him off. Fearing he has done this to other boys; he feels he has to stop him.

What occurs, you will have to see the show.

Roderick Hill does a heart reaching job as the tormented boy-man. He does a fantastic job.

Erik Heger as “The Bogeyman” does such a great job you wish David does kill him.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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