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That Golden Girls Show!

That Golden Girls Show! “A Puppet Parody” is playing at the DR2 Theatre located at 103 East 15th Street. It runs one hour thirty minutes without no intermission. The show closes on December 11, 2016.

The place is Miami, Florida 1985.

Sophia (Emmanuelle Zeesman) is calling the local newspaper to place an ad. Blanche (Car Greenfield) walks in complaining to Sophia about the lack of men in her life and of course not having any sex. Her whole world is absorbed about it. Sophia can’t be bothered with it she is 80.

When Sophia’s daughter Dorothy ( Weston Chandler Long) comes in she notices a bunch of shopping bags in the corner. She investigates the bags and finds out her mother is throwing away her things. Her mother tells her she does not need all those things and she was going to sell them. Dorothy asks who would want to buy my diary.

The last of the women who is living in the bungalow is Rose (Arlee Chadwick) arrives. She is upset that her sardine circus is gone and places the one sardine left in the vase.

Dorothy’s ex-husband Stanley (Zach Kononov) arrives. Sophia gets upset when she sees him. She tells Dorothy he ruined her life; he’s no good and has a bad troupe. It seems he has inherited $400,000.00. But the only way he can get the money is if he is married. Both Blanche and Rose suck up to him, then Dorothy. Stan has no intention of giving them any of the money. They kick him out.

Sophia gets a new large color T V. Dorothy wants to know where she got the money to buy it. The show on the television characters are like them. Dorothy asks her mother, did you sell my diary?

You will have to see the show to see what happens especially at the end.

Sophia keeps saying who wants to see a puppet, except if you are under ten. You don’t have to be under ten years old to see this hilarious play.

I didn’t know who to watch the puppet or the puppeteer. They all do a great job. Emmannelle Zeesman and Cat Greenfield are outstanding. There movements and facial expressions are the best.

The show opens and closes with the song from the television production “Thank You for Being a Friend”.

The television show ran for seven seasons, from September 14, 1985 to May 9, 1992. It starred Betty White (Rose), Bea Arthur Dorothy), Rue McClanahan (Blanche), Estelle Getty (Sophia) and Herb Edelman (Stan).

At the end if you are in the first two rows in the theatre, you can stay and have your picture taken with the cast with your cell phone.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich

Photos by Annazor.

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