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The Antipodes

The Antipodes is playing at the signature Theatre located at 480 West 42nd Street. It runs two hours with no intermission. The play closes on June 4, 2017.

Annie baker is the playwright. She won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama for The Flick (2014).

Josh Charles was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for The Good Wife (2011).

The place is a board room.

Sandy (Will Patton) tells his employees to tell stories. Brian (Brian Miskell) is taking notes on a computer. Subjects are brought up like most embarrassing moment. Someone would get up and tell a story.

Sarah (Nicole Rosenberg) Sandys secretary comes into the room from time to time taking orders for food. We know it’s a different because her outfits are different.

Another indication that time has gone by is Eleanor (Emily Cass McDonnell) started knitting a sweater at the begging of the play and by the time the play ended it was finished.

At the end Sandy says I guess there are no stories to be told.

But there were no stories told that made sense. It was as if they were on different tracks.

The play was confusing and made no sense to me. I was glad when it was over. There was no intermission which was good because a lot of people would have left.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.