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The Diorama

The Diorama is playing at the Theatre Rows Lion Theatre located at 410 West 42nd Street. The play runs one hour twenty minutes. It closes on June 14, 2014.

Cecily (Susan Louise O’Connor) is living in the museum where she works restoring works of art. For some unknown reason she can’t go back to her apartment. Dennis (Bob Greenberg) is the janitor at the museum. He warns her to leave, that they are on to her living there and are going to fire her. Cecily goes to her sister Janey (Melissa Maclead Herion) apartment to ask her sister if she can stay there. Janey not to thrill about having her live there but tells her she can stay a few days. Cecily joins her sister and Janey friend from work Tom (Alberto Bonilla) watching a DVD.

Janey is a lawyer.

Cecily is no very stable mentally; she makes an igloo in the living from the coach and other items from the apartment.

When Janey meets Elliot (Hunter Canning) she is sure he is the man for her and that they will marry.

Secrets and feelings the sisters have been hiding from each other come out.

In the end it all works out; love, happiness and being with the right person.

It is a little confusing in the beginning trying to figure out where and who the characters are. But when you do it is a very enjoyable off Broadway play.

Susan Louise O’Connor is touching as the tormented sister.

Bob Greenberg is funny as the janitor. He has good facial expressions and movement.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich