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The End Of Longing

The End of Longing is playing at Lucille Lortel Theatre located at 121 Christopher Street, New York City. It runs one hour forty five minutes with no intermission. The play closes on July 1, 2017.

The play made its debut at the West End in London and premiered at the Playhouse Theatre in London on February 2016.

Matthew Perry is the playwright. He is known for his role as Chandler Bing in NBC sitcom Friends. Matthew has been in the series on CBS playing Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple since 2015.

Jennifer Morrison is known for her role as Dr. Allison Cameron in House (2004-2012) and Emma Swan in the series Once Upon a Time (2011-2017).

Derek McLane is the set designer. He won a Tony Award for 33 Variations (2009) and was nominated for a Tony Award for Anything Goes (2011), Ragtime (2010) and Pajama Game (2006). Derek won a Drama Desk Award for Anything Goes (2011).

The time is the present, the place Los Angeles.

Jack (Matthew Perry) is at a club drinking. When Stephanie (Jennifer Morrison) comes in he hits on her. He is drunk as could be and obnoxious. She is waiting for a friend Stevie. Stevie (Sue Jean Kim) comes in upset that he boyfriend Jeffrey (Quincy Dunn-Baker)has not text her back, she text him over four hours ago.

When Jeffry arrives, Stevie’s lashes out at him. He responds I don’t text when I’m driving!

What a surprise Jack and Jeffrey are friends.

The story revolves around Jeffrey and Stevie and Jack and Stephanie’s relationship. Just a hint Jack is an alcoholic, Stephanie is a high paid escort, Stevie is neurotic, determined at 37 to have a baby and Jeffrey is a nice guy but clueless on things.

The set is one of the best I’ve seen especially for an off-off Broadway production. It is made up of squares of empty liquor bottles, each square going in a different direction. The set rotates for a different scene. The cast members change their clothes.

This is a very enjoyable show. A must see play. It was serious and funny.

The cast worked well with each other.

Congratulations to Matthew Perry on his first play. I hope we get to see more in the future.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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