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The Exonerated

Is playing at the Culture Project located at 45 Bleecker Street. It runs for one hour thirty minutes with no intermission. The play opened on September 19, 2012 and runs until November 12, 2012.

There are six actors who make up the core of the show. They are Jim Bracchitta, Amelia Campbell. Bruce Kronberg, Curtis McClarin, April Yvette Thompson and JD Williams. The other four are rotating. The show I saw Brooke Shields, Michael McKane, Delroy Lindo and M L MaeVittie played the rotating roles.

It premiered in New York City and ran for over 600 performances. It closed in Minneapolis in 2002.

The story revolves around six individuals who were sent to jail for a crime they didn't commit. They all received the death penalty.

Each actor take turns going back and forth telling what happen to the person whose story they are talking about.

Brooke Shields shines in this role.

This is a heart wrenching play. All were exonerated but at what price to them and their families.

Six out how many people have been convicted of crimes they did not commit. According to the Innocence Project to date 300 people have been exonerated thru DNA tests.

This is a must see show. It is an eye opener.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor

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