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The Faire

The Faire is playing at the Fourth Street Theatre located at 83 East 4th Street. The play will be performed from February 13, 2014 thru March 2, 2014. It runs for one hour twenty minutes with no intermission.

The show revolves around a bunch of odd ball actors playing at a Renaissance Faire. They are trying to keep the show from closing due to poor ticket sales.

Backstage ”The Old Burnout” Olivier (Grant R Krause) is so drunk he passes out. “The Witch” Ursula (Amanda Skyes) take off her under ware and fans herself (you guess where) with her skirt. “The Actress” Angela (Rachael Christopher) is unhappy with the show and her lines. Meanwhile “The Fencer” Drake (Kelsey Kurz) is the lover of Angela and thinks he is hot stuff. Finally but not least is “The Virgin” Tilly (Jenny Seastone Stern) who worships the director Jeff.

The Faire goes back and forth from the front of the stage to the back and what is going on there.

The story builds up and the characters develop into interesting people you that you would like to know more about.

If you get embarrass by a few sexual antics going on, you might not like this show. However if you can get by this you will see a well-acted off off Broadway show.

Hats off to Jenny Seastone Stern and Grant R. Krause for a job well done.

The stage is simple but effective in the way it is set up. It was well done. Tristan Jeffers is the set designer.

At the end the actors think one thing is going on but the audience knows differently.

Go see the show to find out for yourself.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich