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The Ferryman

The Ferryman is playing at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre located at 242 West 45th Street. It runs three hours fifteen minutes with one intermission. It is an opened ended run.

Rob Howell is the scenic and costume designer He won a Tony Award for Matilda the Musical (2013 scenic design) and was nominated for four Tony Awards for Matilda the Musical (2013 costume design). Ghost the Musical (2012 scenic design), Boeing-Boeing (2008 costume design) and The Norman Conquest 2009 costume design).

Brian d’Arcy James was nominated for three Tony Awards for Something Rotten (2015), Shrek the Musical (2009) and Sweet Smell of Success (2002).

This play has the largest ensemble of 35 performers, 17 main adults, 10 cover for four children and 4 babies on rotation. A goose and rabbit appear on stage.

The place is Northern Ireland 1981.

The curtain is a brick wall with a door. There is graffiti all over.

Muldoon (Ralph Brown) is talking to Father Horrigan (Charles Dale). He tells him they found Shammas body.

The curtain goes up. Caitlin (Holly Fain) and Quinn (Brian d Archy James) are listing to the Rolling Stones and drinking whiskey. Time goes by and it is morning. It’s harvest day. Once it’s over there will be a party. However the goose is gone. Oisin (Ethan Dublin) admits her left the latch off.

Aunt Maggie (Fionnula Flanagan) sits in a wheel chair staring out in space.

Uncle Patrick (Fred Applegate) comes in chatting.

Along the way Aunt Patricia (Ann McDonough) is listening to a radio with head phones. She makes comments about what is being said on the radio.

Tom Kettle (Shuler Hensley) comes in with the goose. He found him by the lake. Tom helps on the farm. He became part of the family when he was twelve. Tom is a little off.

Mary (Emily Bergl) comes down the stairs from the bedroom. She says she has a virus.

Various children come and go.

The key to the story is Quinn and his brother’s involvement/not in volvement with the IRA.

This is an amazing, absorbing story. To tell you who the people are would spoil the element of surprise.

Things ae not as they seem. The pieces fall in place by the end

The play runs three hours fifteen minutes after the first act there is a fifteen intermission and after the second act there is a three minute pause. You never realize it is as long as it is.

Oh yes Tom brings on a real goose and rabbit.

I saw it with the mostly American cast. They all do a remarkable performance. Brian d’Archy James, Holly Fain, Fionnula Flanaan, Jack DiFalco are outstanding.

Rob Howell set is impressive.

DON’T miss this amazing play. You won’t regret it.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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