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The Humans

The Humans is playing at the Helen Hayes Theatre located at 240 West 44th Street. It runs one hour thirty five minutes with no intermission. It is an open ended show.

It played off Broadway in 2015.

Joe Montello is the director. He won a Drama Desk Award for Angels in America: Millennium Approaches (actor 1993) and Wicked (director 2004). Joe won a Tony Award for Assassins (2004) and Take Me Out (2003) both for direction. He was nominated for The Normal Heart (2011 actor), Glengarry Glen Rose (2005 director) and Love! Valour! Compassion! (1995 direction). He was nominated for a Drama desk award for Direction for Glengarry Glen Ross (2005), Assassins (2004), Take Me Out (2003)and Mizlansky/Zilinsky or ‘Schmucks’ (1998). He was nominated Primetime Emmy for A Normal Heart in 2014 (actor).

David Zinn is the scenic designer. He has been nominated for three Tony Awards for Fun Home (2015), Airline Highway (2015) and In the Next Room (the vibrator play 2009).

Jayne Houdyshell was nominated for a Tony Award for Follies (2011).

Arian Moayed was nominated for a Tony Award for Bengal Tiger at the Bagdad Zoo (2011).

Brigid Blake (Sarah Steele) and Richard Saad (Arian Moayed) have moved into an apartment together in Chinatown in New York City. They have the first floor and basement. It’s Thanksgiving and the rest of their possessions won’t be delivered until Friday.

Brigid mother Deidre Blake (Jane Houdyshell) and her father Erik (Reed Birney) are coming from Scranton, Pennsylvania to celebrate Thanksgiving with her and Richard. Erik mother Fiona “Momo” Blake (Lauren Klein) is with the group. She is in a wheelchair and has dementia. It started four years ago. Aimee Blake (Cassie Beck), Bridgid’s sister lives in the city. She is a lawyer. Aimee is coming to the dinner too.

A make shift dinner table made of two bridge tables are set up by the kitchen in the basement.

We learn things about everyone and current problems. The current problems are not known by everyone.

The lights keep going off in the apartment one by one. When the trash compacter goes off it make a racket. The neighbor about them sounds like big foot. Who has a perfect apartment in NYC?

All the lights go out by the end of the play. Does that mean that’s there is no more discussions on thing that have happened or have been said.

This is an enjoyable play to see. It makes you think maybe my family isn’t so bad after all.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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