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The Law Of Return

The Law of Return is playing the 4th Street Theatre located at 83 East 4th Street. It runs seventy five minutes with no intermission. The play closes on August 24, 2014.

The time is 1984-1985, during the Ronald Regan administration.

Johnathan Ray Pollard (Ben Mehl) is a civilian applying for a job with the United States Naval Intelligence. He passes the lie detector test and is hire by Naval Officer Steve Harris (Andre Ware). Johnathan is highly intelligent and is able to break military code from other countries. Sworn not to reveal to anyone what he finds out. He promises he won’t. Steve is impressed with his work.

In the meantime he meets with Israeli intelligence officer Rafi Eitan (Joel Rooks). He is swayed to turn over classified information to Rafi with guarantee he will have a safe haven in Israel if he gets caught. Johnathan is a American of Jewish heritage who hopes to move to Israeli when it is safe to live there.

Johnathan is caught Rafi turns his back on him saying that Israel doesn’t want to jeopardize their relation with the United States.

Johnathan was convicted of passing classified information to Israel and received a life sentence in 1987.

The stage is sparse with a working desk and walls that slide back and forth. It works fine.

Joel, Ben and Andre do an excellent job. Ben is over hyper but then maybe it is to convey how wired up he was in his job and personal life.

This well done play was written by Martin and directed by Elise Thoron. It is based on true events. The show peaks your interest in finding out more about Johnathan and Rafi.

Don’t miss out on seeing this wonderful play.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich