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The Magic Jukebox

The Magic Jukebox is playing at the first ever pop-up theatre in Cannon Walk located at 206 Front Street in the South Seaport. It runs for seventy five minutes with no intermission. The show closes on November 22, 2014.

The Serious Theatre Collective is the winner of the 2012 Fringe NYC overall Excellence Award: Best Ensemble.

The show consists of eighteen original scenes done by an ensemble of seven.

Each scene is funnier than the last but who’s counting. Some are accompanied by a live band.

My favorite is, a woman is upset that it’s her birthday and her boyfriend is out with a friend instead of being with her. Someone gives her a number to call. She calls the number and three women show up at her apartment. They tell her she has to get rid of her man and how. With their help she breaks up with him. He’s upset and of course some hands him a number to call and two guys show up with advice on how to get her back. It’s hilarious.

This is a must see show, it’s original, funny and enjoyable to watch.

I’d like to see this show to come to an off Broadway Theatre with this talented cast.

I had my doubts, South Seaport, at night, pop up? Well don’t worry its worth going to see it. Guess what it’s free! But you only have three days left 11/20/14, 11/21/14, and 11/22/14. Reservations are made on line at

Review by Rozanna Radakovich