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The Suitcase Under The Bed

The Suitcase Under The Bed is playing at Theatre Row located at 410 West 42ns Street. It runs two hours and ten minutes with one intermission. The play closes on September 23, 2017.

Teresa Deevy is the playwright. She was a deaf Irish dramatist born on January 21, 1894. She died on January 19, 1963. Teresa started writing in 1919.

Four short plays are performed. They are The King of Spain’s Daughter (1935 theatre play), Strange Birth (world premiere stage play 1946), Holiday House (world premiere was a radio play) and In the Cellar of My Friends (world premiere a radio play).

Strange Birth takes place in the hall of Mrs. Taylor (Cynthia Mace). It is a summer evening. Sara Meade (Ellen Adair) is mopping the hall when the mail is delivered. Mrs. Taylor is thrilled when she opens the letter from her son. He is coming to visit her. Two of the tenets come into the hall looking for the mail. Mrs. Stims (Gina Costigan) is not happy that Sara did not bring her the mail for her. Mr. Bassett (A. J. Shively) is disappointed that he has not received a letter from a certain young lady. The mailman Bill (Aidan Redmond) delivers a bogus letter to the house. He confesses his love for Sara. She gets scared but then calms down.

Entr’acte: “The spiritual Canticle by St. John of the Cross” is told by Sarah Nicole Deaver.

In the Cellar of My Friend takes place in the breakfast room of Grantsthorn residence of Thomas Keane, a July morning. Patricia Keane (Cynthia Mace) is thrilled Belle Dobby (Sara Nicole Deaver) is visiting her. She calls her Aunt Patricia . Belle has brought her roses.

Belle has met her grandson Barney (A. J. Shively) the night before. She has known him her whole life. Barney proposed to her.

Patricia tells her Barney has left. He had a falling out with his father Thomas Keane (Colin Ryan). When Thomas comes down he tells them Barney has left for good. Barney comes in surprised to see Belle. He said he sent a letter explaining everything.

After intermission Holiday House is done. It takes place in the hall of Seafield House in August. The mother (Cynthia Mace) has rented the house. Her daughter Hetty (Sarah Nicole Deaver) is helping her unpack. She is frantic; both of her brothers are coming with their wife’s. Her friend Charlie Moore (A. J. Shively) tries to calm her down. Her brother Derek (Colin Ryan) arrives first. His wife Jil (Gina Costigan) comes later. Neil (Aidan Redmond) her other brother arrives with his wife Doris (Ellen Adair). Doris was involved with Derek. Things happen and in rebound she marries Neil.

Things flare up when they get together.

Entr’acte “A Drover by Padraic Colum” is told by Aidan Redmond.

The King of Spain’s daughter takes place on a grass road. It is Dinner hour on an April day. Peter Kinsella(Aidan Redmon) and Jim (A. J. Shively) are laborers. Peter is waiting for his daughter Annie (Sarah Nicole Deaver) to bring his dinner. She is late. Annie is flirting with Roddy Mann (Colin Ryan) despite the fact she knows her father is going to be mad.

Jim is in love with Annie.

Mrs. Marks (Cynthia Mace), a neighbor sticks her business in where it doesn’t concern her.

This is the basis of the stories, some are twenty minutes the others around forty five.

All the plays were well done and enjoyable.

The sets were well done modest, but delightful. During the Entr’acte the sets are changed.

All of the actors were outstanding. Each actor shines, in some roles even more.

The plays were simple; some people may have like a little more. There was just enough that if you wanted to you could have come to your own conclusion or not as to what could have happened.

Review by Rozanna radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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