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This One's for the Girls (Second Time Around)

This One’s for the Girls (second time around) is playing at St. Luke’s Theatre located at 308 West 46th Street. It runs one hour thirty minutes with no intermission. It is performed on Wednesday and Saturday matinees.

Janet (Jana Robbins) meets her friends Eden (Jennifer Diamond), Rosa (Aneesa Folds), and Samantha (Erin Cronican ) at her book signing. The guy she had been interested in came with his girlfriend. Who made a not to nice remark to her.

Janet said she was going to research songs that have to do with women. She finds out there are 2,401. As she travels to research her book she would ask women what song they felt reflects them.

The story revolves around the women in Janet’s life, her grandmother, mother, Janet and her children. She tells the story of these people and what it was like being a woman during that time period. Pictures are shown in the back of women of those people and women that are well known. Songs are sung from the time period reflecting how a woman felt.

It starts in 1901. Eden puts on a corset worn by women during that time period. Not very comfortable but then she’s a woman and can’t say anything about it.

During World War two women worked in factories, same jobs that were held by men but of course less pay. During the sixties, the sexual revolution if a man was a virgin and had sex that was great if a women did well she was a slut. Examples of songs sung are Sweet Talking Man and Stand by Your Man, pictures are flashed on the wall of the men who fit the song. I’m not giving any more away. Go see this wonderful musical.

The musical is different from when I saw it in January 2018. The show was more about women in general, starting from 1901. During a certain time period we were told what the image of women was and pictures were flash on the wall of those women. Women who were in an abusive relation couldn’t leave because how would she take care of her children. Women didn’t work. Songs were sung reflecting it, like I Will Survive. It was more of a women’s liberation history but in music. I went on the women’s march the next day. I felt like I was part of the suffrage movement.

This version was told from one female’s family life and what it was like during a certain time period for them. This of course reflects on all women.

Both versions tell us women have come a long way since 1901. The fight is not over!

It opens your eyes as the way things were if you didn’t live during a certain time period.

The cast does a remarkable job. Their voices are breathtaking. They give the songs sung “Respect”.

I’m glad I had chance to see it again, it was well worth it. Don’t miss a chance to see it a least one time. You will be glad you did.

Review by Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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