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Unbroken Circle

Playing at St. Luke’s Theatre located at 308 West 46th Street. It plays runs two hours with one intermission. This is an open ended show.

Eve Plumb is best known as Jan Brady in the TV sitcom “The Brady Bunch”. Her first Broadway role was in “Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage” (2010).

Jennifer Simard was nominated for three Drama Desk Awards. They were for “Forbidden Planet” (2005), “The Things I Live about Men” (2004) and “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” (1997).

The play takes place in Galveston, Texas, 1970.

Bobby (James Wesley), his wife Cheryl (Lori Hammell) and their two daughters Cathy (Stacey Bone-Gleason) and Patti (Juli Wesley) are returning home after his father's funeral. They live with his parents.

Ruby (Suzanne Hay) Bobby mother is preparing a meal for her family.

June (Eve Plumb) is Ruby sister. They left her at the cemetery. She’s not too happy about it. She constantly quotes the scriptures. June wants the will read. She said the house was left to her.

Bobby sister Edna (Jennifer Simard) shows up after an absence of twenty six years. She left home at age fifteen.

Family secrets come out in the course of the play. The show is slow in the beginning and builds up to the climax. The play makes you think. Something’s are revealed. But you wonder if there are others secrets that are not being said and who is not saying it. You sympathize with the characters when you realize what has happened to them.

Eve Plum and Lori Hammel do a great job without over doing their character. They give you enough to make you care for the person they are portraying.

Suzanne Hay and Jennifer Simard convey the pain these women have suffered at the hands of the same person. You feel their pain. They did a superb job.

James Wesley character in the beginning is slow but in act two the character gains memento. You only want the best for him and his family. He does a great job.

This play is well written and worth seeing. An hour after I saw the show I realize how appreciate the title is and so will you when you see the show.

Review b Rozanna Radakovich.

Photos by Annazor.

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